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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Do I Know Who I Am? Finding Your True Self....


Finding Your True Self: A Guide to Discovering Your Authentic Self and Living a Fulfilling Life

Billy D Manus II
Certified Life Coach

Paperback and eBook

ISBN: 9798387153396

Finding Your True Self... enables you to investigate all of the positive and negative aspects of your own life, so that you may create a better and more positive existence for yourself, not just in the here and now, but also in the future. You will discover your actual self by returning to ideas, questions, and themes over and over again. You will also learn how to modify the aspects of yourself that you dislike and how to ultimately live a life that is full of life, love, and happiness.

Friday, March 3, 2023


by Billy D Manus II
Format: Kindle Edition

TikTok marketing videos may help your business, product, or social media post go viral. Making a video that goes viral requires time and effort since it's uncommon for an unplanned video to become viral.

As most videos on TikTok are just 15 seconds long, you'll learn in TikTok Viral Marketing 101 how to rapidly locate popular topics, identify your target audience, and build the argument you're trying to make.





by Billy D Manus II

Available in paperback and eBook
Causes of high cholesterol are discussed in depth in the book Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol, from dietary inadequacies to the way your body processes cholesterol to hereditary factors. Reduced cholesterol levels are one of the many benefits of a healthy diet. Here, you'll find a rundown of the cholesterol-lowering foods and meal plans that have been shown to be effective.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Naturally Proven Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure - New Book - Out Now!


Naturally Proven Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure presents you with simple lifestyle adjustments, dietary changes and herbs that you take to enhance your outlook and regenerate your blood vessels and heart preventing coronary disease in the future.

Naturally Proven Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure
Billy D Manus II, Certified Herbalists

Large Print Paperback and eBook
ISBN: 979-8376528679

Friday, February 3, 2023

Grandes Cuentos de Cape Cod - Tall Tales of Cape Cod, the new Bilingual Reader



Tall Tales of Cape Cod Tall Tales of Cape Cod is the new bilingual reader from Billy D Manus II and Marillis Bittinger.

What do all these places on cape cod have in common? they are all featured in Tall Tales of Cape Cod, the new Spanish English reader.

Learn about the oddities of Cape Cod through this oral history book of the area.  

Learn how Lake Scargo was named?

Did Barney Gould really walk from New England to San Francisco and back?

How did these birds get an enormous sailing vessel off course?

Learn a tale about the Mattacheese people, the Giant Manshope and the Great Devil Bird.

Did peddlers really sell coffins?

Learn about the tantalizing tale of the Snake Biting Indian, "Still he did not move a hair, a muscle—he seemed not to breathe. The leader snake was wound around his neck..."

25 unique and quirky folklore about the history and life of the people who live on cape cod.

Bilingual: Spanish and English with pronunciation chart.

Paperback & eBook from Amazon, United States Only.

Large Print Paperback
ISBN: 9798375677095

Grandes Cuentos de Cape Cod - Tall Tales of Cape Cod, the new Bilingual Reader



Grandes Cuentos de Cape Cod Tall Tales of Cape Cod es el nuevo lector bilingüe de Billy D Manus II y Marillis Bittinger.

¿Qué tienen en común todos estos lugares en Cape Cod? todos aparecen en Tall Tales of Cape Cod, el nuevo lector de español inglés.

Aprenda sobre las rarezas de Cape Cod a través de este libro de historia oral del área.

¿Aprenda cómo se nombró al lago Scargo?

¿Barney Gould realmente caminó de Nueva Inglaterra a San Francisco y de regreso?

¿Cómo desviaron estas aves un enorme velero?

Aprende una historia sobre el pueblo Mattacheese, el Gigante Manshope y el Gigante  Pájaro Diablo.

¿Los vendedores ambulantes realmente vendían ataúdes?

Conozca la tentadora historia del indio mordedor de serpientes: "Sin embargo, no movió ni un cabello, ni un músculo; parecía no respirar. La serpiente líder estaba enrollada alrededor de su cuello..."

25 folclore único y peculiar sobre la historia y la vida de las personas que viven en Cape Cod.

Bilingüe: español e inglés con tabla de pronunciación.

Libro en rústica y libro electrónico de Amazon, solo en los Estados Unidos.

Libro en rústica con letra grande
ISBN: 9798375677095